Old House Names in Abbots Road

When the 1911 census was undertaken, most homes in Abbots Langley had numerical postal addresses, but a few were identified on the census using house names only. This was particularly the case for properties in Abbots Road where none were numbered, and furthermore the sequencing on the census schedule did not follow a logical pattern. This makes it very difficult correlate the census records in Abbots Road with the houses that survive today.

Trevor Baker has undertaken a research project to link the houses on the census with the present day postal addresses. This was achieved by searching for the few surviving old house names on gate pillars and doors, and by talking to the occupiers of some of the oldest houses in the road about the history of their homes and whether they had any records or anecdotes about old house names. As a result, most of the houses on the 1911 census can now be identified and for the first time it is possible to link the occupiers in 1911 with their homes.

The results of the research can be viewed by downloading a PDF version of the schedule:

Schedule of House Names and Numbers (PDF)

If you have any further information that might add to the schedule, or if you have an enquiry, please contact Trevor: treasurer@allhs.org.uk


January 2014



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