COVID Diaries

COVID Diaries poster

We are living through unprecedented times and as local historians we should be recording how the 2020 COVID pandemic has affected each and every one of us. We are working with the Three Rivers Museum to collect personal experiences from local people of how they coped, worked, spent time at home, missed their grand-children and family, struggled with home schooling and couldn’t buy a toilet roll, packet of pasta or bag of flour for love or money. The records will be stored at the Museum for future generations to use to see how we coped, or didn’t. This project, which we have called “COVID Diaries”, will be very similar to Project 2000 in which the ALLHS members wrote about their experiences of living through the Millennium.

We have set up a small Project Team and contacted society members from 1st June 2020 to invite them to participate. We are also inviting groups and individuals throughout our local area. Be part of Abbots Langley history.

For more information and to take part please contact Abbots Langley Local History Society at:


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